What I think about Windows 8.

Windows 8. I don’t know if they’re going to call it Windows 8 (it sure seems like they’re going to), but what I’m talking about here is the next release of the Windows OS. There are some pre-builds floating around and I’ve seen a few, but haven’t really bothered with a hands on and I’ll tell you why.

Windows 8 is a bad idea, in its current stages. Because it’s looking like Windows 7 with a few fancy new bells and whistles. Ballmer said it himself: This is expected to be a risky release. I’ve heard rumors that they’re going to shoot for a 128-bit processor or something, but I don’t think that’s true. I think Ballmer said that because they’re going to release a product that looks exactly like the previous one and expect people to eat it up. The bells and whistles, however, are some good ones.

The biggest feature for me is cloud based user accounts. What an awesome idea! I’d be stoked to have that, considering I have 3 different computers and do virtually everything from my Windows Live account. That’s the only real defining addition that I’m seeing in these pre-builds, though. Well, also a much improved installer for the operating system. Better explorer interface, yeah, that’s nice, but whatever. My advice to Microsoft?


Make this a service pack for Windows 7. Windows 7, Service Pack 2. Let us keep our beautiful Windows 7 interface, make the wonderful attachments of cloud based user accounts and whatever else you have in there. Perhaps you could even sell it! I know I’d probably spend $50 or so to have those features. But Microsoft, you’re really stretching it here, throwing me the same OS with a few new features. Don’t fix what isn’t broke and don’t ‘fix’ something that isn’t broke, then try to sell it back to me, okay? Give us a service pack, then you know what you do?

Work on Windows 8 and blow our minds with it. Could you imagine if you didn’t make your last mistake? And we went straight from Windows XP to Windows 7? You would have been the man, Microsoft! Here’s the thing: Windows 7 is amazing. But you gave us something great (Windows XP, amazing after look at 98 and 2000 [Which was also a mistake, this is the same situation as 98 and 2000.]), then gave us something shitty that put a sour taste in our mouths – Vista. So by the time we saw 7, we liked it, but we would have loved it if it weren’t for that sour Vistaste in our mouths. You would have been the man. So let me tell you something else.

I’m happy with what I have, so I don’t mind waiting, Microsoft. Don’t rush! Whenever you rush (see 98 and 2000, again), you give us shit. I was happy with XP. I didn’t feel like I needed another operating system, honestly. But then you threw shitty Vista at my face, which I didn’t even switch to. I DOWNGRADED a PC I bought, for the love of god! That shouldn’t happen, okay?

So, currently, I’m happy with Windows 7. The more I use it, the more I love it, honestly. The explorer interface is a bit…odd, but hey, I can take all the good with the bit of bad. So Microsoft, if I’m getting a new OS, I want it to be vastly improved and it better change my mind about how I operate a computer, okay? Just like Windows 7 did. So, I’m happy Windows 7, don’t rush another OS out until you’ve got something good. If you have some new features you want to give us without reforming our interface, then give us a service pack update.

Also, a little side note…

I’m a Windows guy myself, but isn’t this whole chronologically numbered OS thing just a tiny bit of a ripoff of Apple? C’mon guys, with Windows 7, I can understand, but adopting that number system is just begging for ridicule. You’re doing great, you have been since Windows 7, so keep that up, okay? And no more copying Mac. You’re good on your own – just look at the Windows Phone 7 interface – in my opinion, it blows iOS out of the water. So please don’t call this Windows 8. Call it…Windows…awesomeasshitoperatingsystemthatcomesafterWindows7. Or Windows AQUA. I don’t care, just call it something other than Windows 8.

So, those are my thoughts on the next OS from Microsoft. Hopefully they’ll listen to me. But they won’t. That’s fine guys, have fun doing Vista and 2000 all over again, despite what everyone’s saying. My hopes? I hope that all these leaks of Windows 8 pre-builds are just a teaser for a service pack update and when they really release Windows 8, it doesn’t look exactly like Windows 7.

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